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Cryptopreneurs! What Would You Do If I Doubled The Time You Had Each Week? .

all entrepreneurs are busy but cryptopreneurs are in the fastest growth arena with more social channels open to small investors than a normal start up. distraction is maximum. time is premium.
Hi, I’m Mike Nutley and I help crazy busy startup founders gain back time by identifying and addressing their biggest blockers to growth.
Sound like you?: ‘’Guys I have over 30 dms and a busy morning with a lot of calls! I will check every dm don't worry’’
Every founder is 'always on' so it's not easy to keep on top of things. As new business comes in and existing business grows you get to a point where your business starts running you.
About me

Mike Nutley .

I've been coaching all my life but a few years ago I started coaching startup founders in accelerator programs. Those guys were completely overwhelmed and I wanted to help them succeed. Their biggest issue was not having enough time to do stuff. So, I experimented with how to create more time and focus. What I found was that productivity tools will only get you so far, then you have to focus on the mindset patterns that are holding you back.

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